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Emby Quinn
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i've been here
years go by
will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand?
years go by
as I'm stripped of my beauty and the orange cloud's raining in my head
years go by
will I choke on my tears till finally there is nothing left?
one more casualty
you know we're too easy

July 2011
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Emby Quinn [userpic]

On Monday I lost one of the oldest and dearest friends I had, suddenly and unexpectedly. Wayne went into the hospital last week for hip surgery, was in recovery, and was doing well.

Then he was gone. Poof.

I knew Wayne when he was fourteen years old. I was one of the first people he came out to. He lived with my Barbarian and me for about five or six years, and was our next door neighbor for about that much longer afterwards. We knew him when he met the love of his life and he brought Don home for our approval. We stood by him when he thought everyone was going to turn their backs on him (nobody did). I laughed with him, cried with him, fought with him (oh we had some epic battles, Wayner and I), fought for him, stood by him, and just generally loved the hell out of him.

After he and his beloved got their own house, we sort of fell out of touch with Wayne, seeing him only rarely, mostly at Mobicon, when we could manage to actually go. We got news of him and Don secondhand through mutual friends. When I started getting more active in Facebook I talked to him a little more often, and we were just starting to get back in regular touch when he had the bad timing and ill grace to DIE on me, the little drama queen.

I'm bawling my eyes out right now. Sec.

I've had Blackmore's Night's "Wish You Were Here" going through my head for days now. We're going to Wayne's funeral today and it's just now starting to really set in that yes, indeed, the hyperferret with the perfect hair and the Ravnos smile is dead.

Today I have a real reason to dress all in black.

I'm feeling: grieving
I'm hearing: Blackmore's Night, "Wish You Were Here"
Emby Quinn [userpic]

Fulfilling yet another promise I made last month to my housemates (as well as to my dear friend amusingmuse), I have started drawing by hand again. No computer, no mouse, no photo references, no models, no light table, no bells and whistles...just plain, ordinary, right out of my head line drawings.

I've been a tabletop gamer for 30+ years, and for a great deal of that time I would usually spend the game drawing quick-and-dirty portraits of the characters in said game. When I used to frequent conventions, I would rent the corner of a table somewhere and do character sketches for people for 5 and 10 bucks a pop. There were times when I actually earned rent money over a weekend.

Over the past ten years or so, I've let my drawing go, pretty much. Part of it was spending waaaaay too much time on the computer. Another part was discovering a real love for CGI art. But my friends and my partner have long bemoaned the fact that I was letting what talent I had fall fallow.

Welp, I shall do so no more.

When I get the scanner up and running again I'll show some of the stuff off. A couple of them are pretty good, I think.

I'm feeling: artisticartistic
I'm hearing: Aikawa Nanase, "ID" (album)
Emby Quinn [userpic]

And I'm not talking anything to do with Paris Hilton, either.

It's been punishingly hot the last few days. As in hovering around the triple-digit mark.(That's 40+ Celsius for those who are wondering.)

We had some thunder today but not a lot of rain. We really need a decent dunking to cool things down a bit.

Or maybe a hurricane. I don't mean one that makes landfall, just a nice Cat 2 or 3 that sits out in the middle of the Gulf for a few days and sucks up all this heat before quietly spinning itself harmlessly into oblivion. 'Twould be nice, anyway.

I'm feeling: hothot
Emby Quinn [userpic]

Well, it is if you live on the Gulf Coast, anyway.

So, the whole crew at chez Quinn piled into our pwetty new car and headed down to a little park just south of Belle Fontaine (tiny little hamlet south of Mobile proper, and pronounced "Bell-fountain", for reasons known only to its residents). We had a wonderful picnic; it was very warm but quite windy so we weren't too hot at all. Tons of pelican fly-bys! We also made the acquaintance of the park keeper's golden retriever, Belle, who was extraordinarily hospitable (and conned us out of two and a half hot dogs, a couple of buns, various crackers and assorted other nibbles).

After the picnic, we decided since we were within sight of the Dauphin Island bridge that we would just head on over to the island for a bit. Now, I haven't been to Dauphin Island in at least ten years, and I haven't been to the public beach in at least twice that long. Since when is the water a QUARTER MILE AWAY from the parking lot? Over foot-deep white sugar sand that sucks you in ankle-deep with every step? Still, we persevered (I relearned my "sand-walk" quickly, since I grew up around here) and eventually were getting our feet wet at the shoreline. I picked up a small handful of tiny shells, and it was absolutely GORGEOUS down there. We're already making plans to go back, to both the park and the island.

It was a really fun day.

I'm feeling: happyhappy
Emby Quinn [userpic]

After many many years of waffling, I have joined the Firefox Nation.

I've only had this browser for ten minutes and I'm already loving it.

Thanks, amusingmuse.

I'm feeling: giddygiddy
Emby Quinn [userpic]

Mobi-con was this weekend and I managed to hook up with my very very longtime friend amusingmuse. One of the first things she did was read me the riot act about not posting for over a year or so, and I have to own that I haven't been very communicative of late. I could trot out all kinds of lame excuses for going all hikikomori, but none of them can justify abandoning my friends online, and for that, I'm truly sorry.

One of the few areas in which I've remained active is my lifelong love for dolls. I made some 3D art cartoons featuring my lovelies which I promised to share at the first opportunity. So, here.

Cut to preserve friends lists, if I have any left...Collapse )

I'm feeling: contemplativecontemplative
Emby Quinn [userpic]

Okay, so at the laundromat where I work there are a LOT of people who come in to drop their clothes off, including several local newscasters and such. One of them caught a random comment of mine about business having increased since the oil spill because we're doing a lot of laundry for the clean-up workers who do 12-hour shifts and have no time to do their own personal stuff.

Me and my big mouth.

Cut for friendslists and people who don't want to actually see my fat ass on TVCollapse )

The good news is that we're getting some great, positive publicity for the business. The bad news? I look HORRIBLE on TV.

EDIT: Okay, I'm outvoted. I'm not allowed to say I look bad. :B

I'm feeling: draineddrained
Emby Quinn [userpic]

So I got a call last week from amusingmuse, saying she and hubby were attending Mobicon this year. Since I had been planning to go anyway (and saving $$$ like madness), we arranged to meet up.

My boss was kind enough to give me the whole weekend off, and I actually considered going for the whole weekend, but decided instead to limit myself to Saturday because (a) I had to work Friday night as it turned out anyway and (b) I hadn't been to a con in a while and I didn't know if I'd hold up.

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I'm feeling: happyhappy
I'm hearing: GIve me back that Filet-O-Fish!
Emby Quinn [userpic]

I've been making a lot of comics on Gaia Online (which has eaten my brain of late). Thought I'd share them here.

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Emby Quinn [userpic]

Dead woman found in freezer

Police executing a search warrant tonight at a north Mobile house discovered the body of a woman in the freezer, authorities said.

Anthony Hopkins, 37, who resides at the 258 Rylands St. house -- just off of St. Stephens Road -- where the body was found is being held for questioning, police spokeswoman Nancy Johnson said.

The body of the woman had yet to be identified late tonight, she said.

Police obtained the search warrant after learning that there was "foul play" at the location, Johnson said. They hit the house at about 7 p.m., she said.

What killed the woman and how long her body had been in the freezer before police arrived, was being investigated, Johnson said.

This house is about 4 miles from where I'm living now.

They're now saying that the woman has been missing--and presumably kept in this man's freezer--for over three years.

No words. Just...no words.

I'm feeling: anxioushorrified
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