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.:really deep thoughts:.

excuse me, but can I be you for a while?

Emby Quinn
12 November 1960
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Miss Quinn, that is *not* acceptable school attire!

The WeatherPixie

The qualities of Scorpio include: a lifelong fascination with sex, birth, and death, an extremely focused nature, penetrative insight, a strong sense of privacy, and an ability to subtly affect others in profound (often sexual) ways.


still fighting it...
...even though i may hide my scars
*don't keep silent*

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Yes, I more or less look like this. embyquinn
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Date Created:2002-02-10
Number of Posts: 128

Emby Quinn was found in a shoebox buried under a rosebush in Bellingrath Gardens. She once lived in a gray plastic milk crate behind a Circle K convenience store in West Mobile. She now resides in a dimensionally transcendental Port-A-Let with her lifemate and several other life-forms.
Strengths: Creative, witty, and fun to be around.
Weaknesses: Pushy, opinionated, and exceptionally high-strung. Has the attention span of a--OOH LOOK, SHINY!@#
Special Skills: Writing, drawing, making dolls, finding anything that exists on the Internet (really!).
Weapons: I have a hemostat and I'm not afraid to use it.
Secret Fear: Overdue library books.

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